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The Dentist's Sidekick

Side Mount Delivery System

Our side mount delivery systems were designed for those who need maximum utility without sacrificing ergonomic functionality. Even with the side box, you can still configure your setup on the left or right side of the patient. Our side mount deliveries have the same great features as our pivot mounts with the addition of cuspidor controls and internal water heating. We loaded our side mount delivery with all of the features that help you provide optimal dental care while leaving out the fluff. And it goes without saying that you'll get our premium materials and build quality, just like every Firstar product.

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  • 3+1 Handpiece setup with 3 mode syringe
  • 2 High Speed, 1 Low Speed with automatic handpiece control
  • Adjustable drive air, coolant air, and mist control
  • Pre-installed handpiece illumination system
  • Self contained bottled water system
  • Selectable water source
  • Counter balanced control head arm with brake
  • Wet/dry foot control with chip blower
  • Porcelain bowl with timed rinse and auto cup filler
  • Rear assistants instrumentation with integrated control pad
  • Heated water system with quick disconnect outlet
  • Control head LCD displays settings, input pressures, water temp, date, and time
  • Roller bearing rotation joints eliminates play and ensures consistent feel

Do More With Water

With more water features than a golf course you can heat, rinse, and fill. Have a favorite ultrasonic? Supply that too!

Get in Sink

Button activated automatic cup filler and timed bowl rinse features let you work more efficiently with less distraction.

Knowledge is Power

The control head LCD displays key pressure, temperature, and settings information as well as date and time.

Ask away

Questions? We love working with our dentists and distributors to provide long-lasting, affordable solutions.

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