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Do you fulfill custom orders?

Firstar can fulfill custom configuration requests based on parts and assemblies that are in production and available for distribution. Firstar will not fulfill orders requiring significant rework to existing parts or custom fabrication of parts.

Is there support when it comes to installation?

Our highly trained distribution partners offer years of experience and are able to provide installation and maintenance services for all of your Firstar products.

Where is Firstar equipment on display?

We would be delighted to host you at our Kent, WA facility for a tour of our showroom, production, and warehousing areas. If you're looking for something potentially local to you, feel free to stop by one of our distributor's locations.

How do I purchase replacement parts for my equipment?

Your local Firstar distributor would be the first and best option for getting replacement parts and having them installed. You can also drop us a line if there's anything you need or if you're feeling Do It Yourself-y. We also carry replacement vacuum valves, universal delivery system parts, and tubing.

What is your standard warranty?

Refer to our warranty page for information on our standard warranty

Orders & Shipping

How does shipping work?

Shipments will be sent via LTL freight on pallets. We can either arrange the shipment or work with your distributor to have your products delivered to you. We also offer will call pickup for our local customers (or if you're looking to roadtrip to us).

What is your order process?

Purchase Orders (PO) received by Firstar are processed within one business day to ensure accuracy and confirm availability of inventory. After a PO is processed and approved, an invoice will be issued and the order fulfillment process commences. Orders will not ship out until final payment of the invoice is received, unless agreed upon prior to the invoice being issued.

What do I do if my shipment arrived damaged?

For damaged items, contact the freight company directly to notify them of the damage. Firstar is happy to assist you in working with the freight company to rectify the situation.

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