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The Evolution

FDC50 Dental Chair

The goal for the FDC50 wasn't to reinvent the chair, but to take what worked and make it better. We revised the hydraulic power system to make starts and stops imperceptible while also tweaking the recline kinematics to better conform to the natural movement of the patient's back. With patient comfort taken care of we looked to improve doctor ergonomics by reshaping the back casting for additional leg clearance, and simplifying the armrest locks to allow for single handed operation. When you're the best at what you do, you deserve the best equipment to do it.

Raven Wing- Ultraleather

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  • Soft start/stop hydraulic drive
  • Spline Motion recline mechanism cradles patient
  • Extra thin and wide aluminum back casting
  • 50 degree chair swivel
  • Low profile swing down armrests
  • Collision detection safety switch
  • Dual articulating, height adjustable headrest
  • Four position programmable chair memory
  • Super plush Ultraleather upholstery
Technical Specs

Maximum lift capacity - 450 lbs

Maximum patient weight - 325 lbs (with delivery)

Minimum seat height - 17"

Maximum seat height - 30“

Drive system type - dual hydraulic (Lift - single direction; Recline - bidirectional)

Base Material - Die cast aluminum

Chair frame materials - Cast iron

Back support material - Die cast aluminum

Classic Recipe, Modern Twist

We enhanced our dental chair platform with an updated recline mechanism that creates a natural cradling effect.

The Best Deserve the Best

Our FDC50 dental chairs come with soft touch Ultraleather upholstery as standard to cap off an elevated dental experience.

With the Push of a Button

Our redesigned stealth armrests are more easily disengaged and rotate completely out of the way for maximum accessibility.

Ask away

Questions? We love working with our dentists and distributors to provide long-lasting, affordable solutions.

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